It’s hard to see a cooperation of a famous brand with an advertising agency in an advertisement industry more than 10 years. The periods of cooperation is usually between 3 to 5 years. There are many reasons to cut cooperation between two companies. The biggest factors of stability are trust feeling, mutual perception, maintaining customer benefits, honesty, and continuous creativity. These factors and many other subjects have led to cooperate between Moballeghan Advertising Company and Sehat Industrial and Commercial company, the valuable collaboration that has reinforced with respect and mutual trust.
We learned with Sehat company that how to introduce unique herbal Sehat shampoos which produce from the best Iran’s medicinal plants and knew that there is great love and interest in making these products. We believed in remedial extract which got from leaf of lotus tree for producing cedar shampoo.
So, we endeavored to introduce Sehat herbal products with all extraordinary properties and benefits to consumers and tried to encourage them to purchase these products with expressing facts. More than 20 years has passed since the time we have started to work with Sehat company, the years which are full of worthwhile memories and experiences of cooperation with the best and biggest shampoo producer company in Iran.
We attain to deep recognition of consumers and their needs through ongoing marketing research and find out consumers buying habits and get to know their tastes. These research help us to formulate alive and effective advertising campaigns based on marketing, psychological, and advertising scientific theories in interaction with Sehat company. The campaigns which last products sales and enable the company to produce new products and frequently increase products variation range.
Our concept in designing Sehat herbal shampoos packaging is based on reconciliation with nature. Looking to Iran’s intact nature, we put product on its natural home atmosphere. When you look at Sehat herbal shampoos packaging, you get familiar with real nature concept that cover real images of medicinal plants in their living location.
Making advertising teasers which had been produced according to planned campaigns introduced products and persuaded buyers to use of natural products. Many of these teasers inspired by Iran’s rich culture set to unique features of products.
Evaluation, recognition, and consciously use of important advertising media such as TV is a priority in our advertising programs. Making effective and attractive advertising teasers with the aim to advance goals of Sehat marketing and sales team is always a part of Moballeghan agenda. The teasers which in addition to creativity lead to increase products sales. We have produced hundreds of TV & Radio teasers with herbal shampoos and other Sehat products theme over the years and are present alongside of Iran’s first shampoo brand with pride and honor.
Our strategy has been based on discovering new method for creating new concepts in order to advance and enhance Sehat brand position over the years, the strategy of converting Sehat marketing and sales programs to winner advertising strategy. We have learned to run alongside of pioneer companies and try more and design winner strategies and apply them properly.
We are primarily honest consultant for our customers. An advertising agency can succeed in fulfiling customers’ goals in first place if it had enough knowledge of market advertising and competition, and secondly could change world of customers and buyers with creative ideas and programs secondly.
Marketing research was done on children interests in 20 kindergarten in Tehran. The children preferred to have products which relate with their childish world, they chose penguin among attractive characters and it is set to put this character on Sehat Baby shampoo label and to create related concept in order to introduce new packaging after creating Sehat Baby shampoo packaging based on penguin’s friendship and kindness, and its emotional relationship with children.
Moballeghan creativity division decided to produce advertising teaser and formulated diverse ideas accordingly, tale of kind penguin scored higher among the ideas. As it is agreed to broadcast this teaser in winter, tale theme got smacks of winter. “Kind Penguin” animation was wonderfully welcomed by children and could attract attention of their parent too. This teaser narrated beautiful and tender tale and could remain in children memory and mind.
For continuation of successful concept, Moballeghan has prepared a new campaign as “Playful Baby Penguins” and sent it to Sehat company for review and approval.
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