Introduction :
Sales promotion is one of the main tools of promotion mix which along with advertising, public relations and personal selling, introduces advantages of goods or services and usually, is referred to as any attempt to increase the audience's demand for the use or purchase of a product or service. Businesses utilize sales promotion for short-term results. The main challenge in sales promotion is to convert attracted customers to loyal and permanent customers.

There are many reasons for conducting sales promotion campaigns. Some of them are :
1- The competition between brands has increased in similar goods
2- The advertising effectiveness has decreased in traditional media
3- Changing the buying habits of customers to choose a brand or new product has become difficult
4- The need for cash flow in business enterprises has increased day by day

Sales promotion is divided into two main types :
1- Consumer Sales Promotion which is used to persuade consumers or end buyers
2- Trade Sales Promotion which is used to encourage suppliers, distributors, retailers, and intermediaries
Today, the use of sales promotion and related tools has grown unprecedentedly in the world, with budgets surpassing advertising budgets.

Moballeghan Services :
This method is usually used at a place close to the point of purchase. The manufacturer offers free samples, aiming to test new product's taste, encourage the use of old products and other marketing and sales purposes.
Display materials to advertise a product where it is being sold or purchased, such as installation of a department store slab, posters, banners, and advertisements with digital displays. The use of in-store advertising materials can be using dangler, wobblers, sticker, and such these tools.
Today, designing and implementing special events have become widespread, also called event marketing. The purpose of event marketing is to introduce a brand, to present or promote a product or service for an organization or an enterprise which can increase the participation of individuals and promote mutual interaction between them and the brand. A very important point in conducting events is to be memorable with the creation of happy moments and interesting occurrences. These events can be hold in two ways: 1) online using interactive social media networks, such as Instagram, and 2) in the real world with the presence of the participants.
Specialized exhibitions usually have great outcomes for companies. Designing and constructing a suitable booth, merchandising, supplying appropriate gifts, recording customer information, and distributing specialized and general catalogues and brochures play important role in successfully holding the shows, seminars, and conferences.
One of the most important ways to interact with audiences is to hold various conferences and seminars. In these events, the internal and external customers of the organization, through two-way communication, will have a better and deeper understanding of the product, brand, and organization and get better benefits.
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