Moballeghan Publishing was founded in 1995 in order to enhance Moballeghan Group scientific potentials, grow and promote advertising and marketing science in Iran, and fill the existing scientific gap in Iran’s advertising market. Moballeghan Publishing is the pioneer publisher of tens of reference books about advertising, marketing and management, which have been taught at several universities as reference books in Iran and have enhanced advertising and marketing knowledge in Iran.
One of the main honors of Moballeghan Group is entrance to the country's publishing industry, of course, the aim of this entrance was not trade or earning fame, but it was due to need of Iran’s scientific society to management, marketing and advertising fields especially scholars and experts of these fields. For example, about 200 years have passed since the entrance of advertising to the country’s media and during these long years, no comprehensive book was not written in advertising training field except for a few scattered writings and most of those involved in advertising field had learned this field through self-tutorial or mentoring method. Moballeghan Publishing was the first publisher that understanded aforementioned requirement and entered to advertising area with regards to recognition and awareness of scarcity of scientific and educational resources. “Advertising : Principles and Practice” book was the first scientific advertising book in Iran that was published by Moballeghan Publishing and could pave the way for advertising industry training in Iran. In addition to publish the first abovementioned book, tens of other books published by Moballeghan Publishing such as “A Marketing Research Workbook”, “Strategic Brand Management” and … . These books could really stabilize an important and particular position as educational books or textbooks in universities, scientific and educational centers and business corporations.
Moballeghan Publishing is publisher of the most exquisite Holy Qurans in Islam world and has published Rayhan Holy Quran with Rayhan beautiful script in both folio and double folio and Khatam Holy Quran with Rayhan script in both folio and “Vaziri” too. These Holy Qurans have been strung out with natural leather cover and hardcover and very beautiful and fine gildings.

Rayhan Holy Qurans
Rayhan Holy Quran is the only published Quran with Rayhan beautiful script in the world that its related calligraphy, gilding and writing has been done based on “Almushaf” drawing method by master “Bahram Saleki” during 8 years and have turned this work to unmatched and unique masterpiece of book designing art in the globe.

Khatam Holy Qurans
Khatam Holy Quran is the second published Quran of Moballeghan Publishing with Rayhan script that its related calligraphy and gilding has been done by master “Bahram Saleki” during 5 years. This Holy Quran is strung out and supplied with several covers and boxes types of natural leather, artificial leather, cashmere and hardcover that each has very beautiful layouts and inscriptions.
This company acts as a knowledge-based corporate in Iran and is founder of reputable “Iran Yellow Pages” book which have published since 1995 and the related website as that have been launched since 2000 and is daily updated and includes information of over 20000 Iranian companies.
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