Nowadays, importance of good photo is obvious to public and no advertising plan is basically effective without use of an appropriate image. As quoted from famous advertising world figure, “David Ogilvy” , “A good image speaks better than a thousand words and is more effective than them.” Photography department of Moballeghan Group has been active in Iran’s advertising arena more than 30 years and have taken thousands of photo frame for various industries and advertising campaigns, these photos have been in fields like advertising, industry, news, fashion, portrait and … . Services of photography department include advertising photography of products, foods, industrial photography of production lines and industrial plants, fashion photography, architecture and decoration photography, photography from tableau, carpet and collections including antiques and photography services for trade shows, industrial exhibitions, conferences and seminars. Of other capabilities of photography department is professional photo editing with utilization of the most up-to-date related softwares.
Moballeghan studio has photography feature from products and advertising items with own special facilities and equipment. Also, artistic supervision in advertising campaigns which is accomplished by artists with experienced photographers of the department enables customers to introduce their products with high quality and very creatively and professionally. Moballeghan studio performs the most complicated industrial products photography to the most creative foodstuffs photography with eye-catching artistic arrangement.
Photography from industrial units and plants accounts one of the most serious activities of photography department of Moballeghan Group and our photographers have endeavored this activity across the country during these years and it’s dare to express that Moballeghan Group has one of the most successful resumes in industrial photography in Iran. As photos taken in industrial photography scope indicate production and activity of plants are of great importance and are utilized after professional photography and editing in advertising purposes and in exhibitions, printing catalogues and … afterwards.
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