It’s dare to express that creating a brand is one of the most difficult works in advertising and marketing scope and this difficulty is due to discovery and witness of new world full of questions, ambiguities, and complexities. We have to pass through labyrinth of marketing research for finding out these mysteries. This research teaches us what questions we have to answer, what ways we have to pass, and what software and hardware equipment we need for achieving the ultimate goal.
When it was agreed to formulate plans for creating “Natar” brand, first of all, we held several meetings with “Etelaat-e-Farda” institute managers and requested from these managers that accomplish research about dishwasher products market. we didn’t still know about quantity and quality of products which would be produced.
We only knew that “Yodavand Chemie” company has numerous facilities in order to produce products for dishwasher and is able to produce dishwasher tablets, salt, powder, and shining liquid. The facts that we didn’t know what properties these products have, what type of packaging and materials they use, are among dozens of questions that we had to answer.
We could find out answers of main questions after accomplishment of marketing research, relative recognition of competitors, market environment, products properties, prices, consumers’ viewpoints, customers’ needs, types of existing dishwashers in marketplace, buying habits, and so on. In real, this milestone was starting point of “Natar” brand creation.
We found out in marketing research that buyers of these products, search products which be able to both meet customers’ qualitative needs and not to damage their expensive dishwashers, of course most importantly, have affordable price and not to lead to dishes damages or turbidity.
We held several meetings with R&D and production managers of “Yodavand Chemie” company in order to meet customers’ demands and wishes. We informed the managers of results of focus group meetings and requested sample products to be tested by our co-workers in “Etelaat-e-Farda” institute.
Results of survey on products and consumers’ viewpoints indicated excellent quality of products. The aim of Moballeghan was to create a brand which can come out victorious from competition in dealing with powerful foreign competitors like “Finish” or “Claro” which have had years of experience in Iran marketplace and domestic competitors too.
We had a difficult path ahead for reaching to success. “Natar” logo design, products packaging design due to market situation, prices, dimensions, color, packaging, appropriate slogan design, and more actions with regards to brand importance and intense sensitivity were among steps that made one after another.
Moballeghan strategy for “Natar” brand was creating sense of cleanliness alongside cleaning power for target audiences awareness. This strategy must be appeared in packaging design, main slogans, and context packaging. We even interfered in selecting tablet colors and their essences in order to be able to design all components of product consistently and together.
Of course, the result was wonderful. Moballeghan had succeeded to create product with collaboration of “Yodavand Chemi” marketers and experts that is the best among Iranian products and one of the most distinguished among domestic products.
Moballeghan succeeded to design 3 types of packaging for dishwasher tablets, 1 packaging for oxidized salt, shining liquid container, and dishwasher powder packaging during 8 months period including 3 months period of marketing research, 4 months period of designing product and packaging, and 1 month period of packaging test in order to resolve problems and print test.
After a while, new products design such dishwasher and washing machine descaler tablet, dishwasher descaler powder, and multi-purpose stain remover powder ( “DIP-IT” powder ) were added too.
In addition to above-mentioned proceedings, other activities are as follows : attendance in 3 professional exhibitions, designing advertisement in specialized magazines, products promotion programs, POS, POP, merchandising, holding events and participation in CSR programs, and “Natar” Telegram channel and “Natar” website creation.