Brand book (brand guide) is a document which integratedly and precisely determine deployment style of all elements of a brand and all related elements of it. Brand book contains all things from logo design and how to use it, administrative documents design, utilizing permitted and practical fonts, typography, main and permitted colors and complementary and secondary colors, user manual for using images and image creation methods to icons utilization, website and social pages’ appearance, context and tune of message, people communications with audiences, employees clothing and …. Also, Brand book is an essential guide for graphic designers in order to create integrated and uniform advertising works. Generally speaking, performing every advertising activity without considering brand identity and elements and values of brand, causes turbulence in brand image in audiences’ mind that specifies importance of brand book and its usage.
Graphics design unit of Moballeghan Group with over 30 years of background has succeeded to design dozens of logos and brand books for great Iranian corporates so far and has undertaken next advertising activities in these years subsequently.
One of the main Graphics unit services of Moballeghan Group is advertising campaigns integrated designing which is performed by the group think tank of the unit. The campaigns design is performed after market research implementation and marketing plan formulation with recognizing target audiences and pivotal slogans by Etelaat-e-Farda institution and getting information from customer in held meetings and then related results are transmitted to Moballeghan Group think tank in order to creative work delivery.
After completely getting the context, Moballeghan Group think tank endeavors to create procedural unity in designing and depicts successful advertisement in accordance with marketing goals in the best way and with utilization of all effective and suitable media afterwards. It is obvious that the integrated campaign which use of different media such as TV & Radio advertising teasers, billboard, magazine and press, social media and …, has a very high effect due to perfect integrity and coherence in design method, slogan and graphics so that visitors remember other media with watching each advertising media and the media advance campaign goals with synergy and more strength and speed.
Basically, organizations in addition to necessity to implement great advertising campaigns which need integrity in graphics design and include dozens of integrated art works in various sizes and formats, require daily graphics services like designing brochure, catalogue, website, multimedia CD/DVD, complimentary gifts, calendar, administrative set, packaging, outdoor media and ….
Graphics unit design team of Moballeghan Group constitutes of the most skilled Iranian universities professors that continuously work in the group and have succeeded to formulate dozens of successful campaigns for Iranian organization through held think tank meetings, the latest states of the art and up-to-date software, hardware and facilities and relying on over 30 years experiences of senior managers of Moballeghan Group.
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