Many of corporates managers think beginning of TV commercial advertisement is finding an attractive tale or finding a filmmaker advertising company, but this is not the right way because an advertising teaser is product of a creative advertising strategy before being product of a good tale or appropriate producer. It is obvious that in order to formulate effective advertising strategy for a business corporation, it is firstly necessary to deeply study and recognize marketing strategy of the company and key advertising messages design through proper understanding of marketing strategy and in line with this strategy. Then these messages and targets in next steps turn to effective advertising teasers scenario which be created by creativity departments.
Moballeghan Company Filmmaking department has started its activity since 1987 and could have produced hundreds of effective and successful TV and Radio teasers with utilization of knowledge and experiences of skilled experts in idea creation, creativity, screenplay formulation and design, directing, film taking, acting, narration, composing, computer and graphics areas during these years. We use real, animation and combination of real and animation techniques in making advertising teasers.
Nowadays, industrial films play very important role in advertising and PR industry due to introducing corporates abilities and technologies. These films which form through precise introduction and demonstration of production lines, machinery, laboratories, R&D departments and industrial plants products have both high impact and broadcast capability as TV advertisements. Moreover, industrial films are able to broadcast or play in special events, seminars and exhibitions.
Experts of Moballeghan Company Media Department prepare the most appropriate broadcast tables of teasers through accurate recognition of media and TV networks functionality and their effectiveness regarding to customer budget and ultimately offer to customers accordingly.
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