In 1995, marketing research activities began in a division of “Moballeghan Group” and due to develop and progress of its works, this unit got a new and independent identity in 2003 and was named “Etelaat-e-Farda” Institute which constitutes of skilled market research experts that are marketing, statistics, economics and sociology specialists. This institute is a knowledge based one and is one of the first marketing research companies in Iran, augmenting “Moballeghan Group” capabilities. In brief, it represents a full-blown market research company providing pragmatic and forward-thinking advice on business-related issues in Iran.


Ever since its establishment, however, “Etelaat-e-Farda” Institute has been a thoughtful leader and trusted advisor, helping clients lead in their markets through its research, consulting, events and executive programs. So, nowadays it is notable that there are a few prominent and reputable brands and companies which have not utilized valuable “Etelaat-e-Farda” Institute services or have not been consulted in Iran.
“Etelaat-e-Farda” Institute has been a member of European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research ( Esomar ) since 1999 and has been able to provide great services to many domestic and foreign companies in the field of market research utilizing global, extensive and up-to-date scientific information.


- Brand Growth and Development Factors
- Consumer Perspective
- Distribution and Supply Chain Network
- Media Survey and Measurement
- New Markets and Innovation
- Leading and Popular Brands Creation
- Survey Operation of Organizations
- Market Research
- Marketing Strategy Execution
- Strategic Planning
- Product Launch Plan
- Business Development
- Consultation ( Business - Market Entry - Brand - Advertising - Marketing Research )
- Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research
- Advertising and Marketing Campaigns Design and Implementation
- Data Collection ( Panels - Data Mining - Mobile - Delivery )
- Analytical Services
  ( Data Analysis - Demographic Analysis - Statistical Analysis - Segmentation Analysis )
- Sampling and Merchandising
- Market Research and Marketing Consulting
- Crisis Management
- Marketing Plan/Strategy Development
- Direct Marketing
We differentiates ourselves from competitors with unrivaled potential, deep insight and unique multi-specialty positioning and experiences to meet our clients’ needs and wants as efficiently and effectively as possible.
We have acquired valuable knowledge and deep insight through more than 30 years ongoing work with diverse industries that help us design and offer the best solutions and the most appropriate approaches for challenging issues of every brand or business proportional to its budget, situation and restrictions in marketplace.
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