One of the main ways of buying by people is purchasing in online (virtual or electronic) space, where they spend most of their time today.
Marketing science always emphasizes on communication with the audience in the best place and time, so this is the best place to meet them.
Digital marketing is referred to all marketing and advertising efforts that use digital channels such as websites, search engines, social media, email, mobile apps, and so on. Moballeghan Group has been one of the pioneers in the digital world with establishment of two websites of Iran's Yellow Pages and Iran's e-commerce since 15 years ago.

Digital Marketing Division of Moballeghan Group (Services Department)
- Holding consulting sessions and identifying customers’ needs
- Market survey including analyzing business situation, brand and products’ position evaluation among target audiences, recognizing and analyzing competitors and their digital marketing activities, and evaluating SWOT
- Identifying and defining target audiences
- Setting and adjusting goals
- Strategy formulation
- Designing and planning effective utilization of digital marketing strategic tools ( media )
- Determining budget
- Implementation
- Providing monthly report of analyzing results and project implementation trend
In the digital world, today's brands need to have visual organized communications to start and survive. The focal point of digital communications and the first step in digital marketing is having a targeted commercial exhibition/website in order to meet audiences’ needs.
81% of consumers get information and then buy through online search and 6 out of every 10 consumers expect businesses to provide all products and services they need in online space.
You can have a website for your business within 24 hours. Low cost, time saving with high productivity and the fact that all your competitors have a website, are among all strong reasons for having a good website.

Moballeghan Services in Website Designing Division
1- Designing a variety of websites in accordance with customers’ needs and tastes
2- Designing and implementing different types of dynamic website templates with standard codes and according to new Google algorithms
3- Customized, creative, and attractive graphic design for all website pages
4- Designing and implementing responsive websites with running capability on all browsers ( browsing possibility of web pages on all types of mobile phones and tablets in diverse platforms like IOS, Android, and Windows )
5- Website template optimization, security, and quick speed feasibilities with utilization of the-state-of-the-art technologies and programming techniques
6- Designing portable and complicated websites and various types of Internet stores with online buying and selling capabilities
7- Designing and implementing all needed contents and alphabetical databases for customers’ products and/or services
8- Fast, confident, and timely technical support
In order to be able to reach to consumers quicker than your competitors and significantly increase number of visitors to boost your sales, the next step after having a website is marketing in search engines that includes two parts : SEO and PPC.

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )
Website optimization is done through a set of actions such as codes modification, extraction of keywords, proper content creation, links creation, etc., which are done on a website to increase number of visits through search engines.

Pay-Per-Click ( PPC )
In addition to SEO, there is another way to display your website on the first page of desired searched keyword, which is click advertising with payment for each click.

Google AdWords
Google AdWords is Google's click advertising service which creates quick, targeted, and accurate communication between you and your customers on the first page of search. You can turn potential customers who look for your products and services into real customers just through a creative ad.

Google Analytic
Google Analytic is Google's powerful analyzer tool which performs comprehensive analysis of website visitors. Using this tool, marketers can find out which ads have the best efficiency and which ads perform poorly. Google Analytic processes information of users who visit, their visit path, presence time, activities, their exit path from website, and so on, so that website administrators can formulate the best advertising strategy.

SEM Services
- Internal SEO :
1- Reviewing keywords, analyzing and prioritizing utilization of them
2- Evaluating website structure and its pages especially sales pages
3- Evaluating and planning to improve quality of website content
4- Optimizing website images and using keywords in pages titles
5- Optimizing domain addresses and facilitating access to search engines
6- Programming responsive version for mobile phones
7- Creating internal links of website
8- Optimizing website articles in terms of SEO weekly including headings, tags, meta tags, and so on

- External SEO :
1- Time duration of being online and coming back visitors
2- Lifetime of website activity
3- Creating back links of credible websites in terms of Google criteria on a regular basis
4- Updating original and proper content and sharing content, images, and video files on main social media ( Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and so on ) regularly

- Analyzing using SEO analyzing tools including Google Webmaster Tools recently known as Google Search Console

- Providing analytical reports relative to project implementation trend weekly and monthly
After creating an ideal website and planning for search engine optimization, the next step in digital marketing is active and targeted presence in social media using a strategic marketing and advertising campaign.
Social media marketing is a type of Internet marketing, as well as a powerful method to attract desired customers through creating and sharing content on social media to achieve the goals of marketing campaign.
Your customers interact with brands through social media. If you do not talk directly with your customers through social networks like Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, and so on, you will lose great opportunities.
In Iran, social media as Telegram and Instagram are more popular than other social networks. According to the latest statistics from year 2017, there are 40 to 45 million active users in Telegram and 30 to 35 million active users in Instagram in Iran.
The SMM section in Moballeghan Group helps you achieve the goals of creating a strategic social media marketing campaign such as finding new customers, maintaining current customers, increasing site traffic, increasing sales and brand credibility through introducing and advertising services and products.

Moballeghan SMM Services
1- Analyzing competitors
2- Formulating and designing targeted marketing and advertising campaigns
3- Designing, implementing, and launching social networks’ pages
4- Creating and updating creative and attractive content
5- Managing social networks pages
6- Launching automation system for attracting followers
7- Managing responding to comments
8- Designing and implementing different types of event campaigns
9- Analyzing content
The final step to complete three previous steps is content marketing as a strategic approach and a long-term process.
Content Marketing is the art of communicating with potential and actual customers, and is an incentive technique for sales that focuses on the production and distribution of valuable content.
The creativity and thought room in Moballeghan Group produces and distributes content in digital space in a variety of ways which include :
1- Social media content
2- Video marketing
3- Infographic
4- Email marketing
5- Online advertising
6- Visual ebooks
7- Public Relations ( PR )
8- Mobile apps
9- Mobile marketing
10- Promotional photography
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