Babak Mes Iranian company ( special joint stock ) affiliated to Midco holding company started its activity with the aim to produce copper pipes in different sizes and diameters in 2010 in Babak town of Kerman province. On the one hand, the products of this company have high quality and are in compliance with the highest international standards, and the other hand, urgent need for these products in Iran was a necessity, so the products were immediately taken into consideration of consumers and manufacturers of industrial products.
As an environmentally friendly organization, Babak Mes Iranian company is trying to take important and effective steps to protect the environment along with its industrial activities. Also, the products of the company have immediately welcomed by neighbor countries and world marketplaces. Diligent and well-educated managers of Babak Mes Iranian company are trying to take strong steps on the way to the country's economy with innovation and creativity.
As Babak Mes company’s business model is a B2B model and its products are utilized by other industries, therefore, Moballeghan Group activities include public relation activities in addition to advertising. Moballeghan Group tries to introduce Babak Mes brand whatever better through mentioned activities and give a positive image of brand for target audiences.
Mixing advertising and public relation activities along with creativity of Moballeghan Group’s think tanks have been yet able to bring out dozens of successful projects for Babak Mes company. Visual attraction of copper pipes, thanks to their spherical ( circular ) shape and their beautiful color, is not far from the sharp eyes of skilled artists of Moballeghan Group and beautiful works have been created due to them.
Presence in domestic and foreign exhibitions is one of the most important marketing strategies of B2B models and the exhibitions are places in which target audiences get familiar with activities of Babak Mes company and its products and talk with its managers through face-to-face communication. Moballeghan Group has succeeded to design and decorate exhibition booths for Babak Mes company so far and related catalogues, multimedia CDs, and valuable gifts that have been produced by Moballeghan Group, donate to audiences in the exhibitions too.
Provided services to Babak Mes company include :
- Industrial photography from Babak Mes company plants and products
- Designing several catalogues and brochures in Persian and English languages
- Designing and producing multimedia CDs in Persian and English languages with the ability to display content, photos, and videos
- Designing and decorating several exhibition booths
- Designing and producing various types of complimentary gifts
- Designing and producing of exquisite boxes of products presentation
- Designing several types of advertising posters and billboards in different sizes
- Sponsoring and cooperation in printing marketing and advertising books and donating them to target audiences
Moballeghan Group hopes to give its 30-year experiences to Babak Mes company and two companies can work with mutual understanding and goodwill for many years. It is obvious that Moballeghan Group always considers positive and effective viewpoints of Babak Mes managers that have been complementary activities of Moballeghan Group’s proceedings.
Babak Mes company as a newly established and experienced organization has many years of hardworking far ahead and Moballeghan Group hopes to be able to competently serve as an effective and executive arm in line with managers’ aims of Babak Mes company in advertising, publishing, and marketing research fields.