Moballeghan Advertising Agency Services

Advertising Teasers

Filmmaking department of Moballeghan Company, as one of the pioneers of this field, has been active since 1986. It has been able to produce hundreds of successful and effective radio and TV teasers using experiences and knowledge of professional artists in fields of idea creation, screenplay formulation and design, directing, film taking, acting, narrating, composing, and computer graphics during these years.

Moballeghan Services in the Field of Producing Teasers :
1-Producing radio advertising teasers
2-Producing TVC ( real, animation, mix of both )
3-Producing industrial films about factories’ production line and industrial centers
4-Producing advertorials for broadcasting on TV networks
5-Film taking from conferences and events
6- Producing advertising videos for social networks (Video Marketing)
7-Producing motion graphics for virtual space


Branding is a systematic process in order to create awareness and increase customer loyalty. Branding is creation and utilization of opportunities to explain why people should choose a brand rather than other brands. With 35 years of experience, Moballeghan Company has succeeded in cooperating with dozens of domestic and foreign brands.

Moballeghan Services in the Field of Branding :
1-Designing brand identity
This substantial work is performed for companies that are establishing or those that have gone through their business for years and need to change or create a new identity.
2-Designing brand book
Developing brand book leads to coordination and integration of all branding and marketing activities including advertising, public relations and customers relationships.
3-Creating brand content
5-Brand architecture

Advertising Campaigns

Planning and implementation business communications activities of enterprises through integrating all promoting activities including public relations, advertising and sales promotion (Referred to Integrated Marketing Communications or IMC) result in increasing sales of products and services.

Moballeghan Services in the Field of advertising campaigns :
1-Reviewing customer’s marketing plan and identifying its main goals
2-Understanding target market and advertising audiences (customers)
3-Formulating advertising strategy in which the main goals of advertising are specified.
4-Creating an appropriate idea (concept) and designing effective messages (content )
5-Selecting appropriate media and formulating a consistent media plan
6-Budgeting for efficient advertising
7-Preparing action plan for campaigns
8-Performing marketing research for implemented advertising campaigns

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to a set of tools and activities that are used to market products and services on digital platform (website, mobile, social networks, etc.).

Moballeghan Services in the Field of Digital Marketing :
1-Designing dynamic websites ( personal, corporate, store , …) equipped with novel graphics and full responsive form
2-Providing SEO services for presence of corporates’ websites in the first page of Google search engine
3-Designing, management and development of Telegram and Instagram channels
4-Targeted advertising on virtual space platform, well-known websites, and most viewed channels like Telegram and Instagram
5-Content marketing featuring production and publishing of videos, motion graphics, infographics, …
6-Marketing through email and SMS marketing
7-Producing a variety of specialized mobile applications and multimedia CDs

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